Joey Muthengi- Biography, marriage, family, Holy Dave, career, illuminati

Joey Muthengi- Biography, marriage, family, Holy Dave, career, illuminati.

Joey Muthengi is currently single and her ideal man should not only be sincere, meticulous but also God fearing.

Like many girls she has been a victim of the bad boy syndrome.

Joey Muthengi is the small sister to Holy Dave the gospel artiste, they are five in their family.
Joey Muthengi credits her mother for the best advice who once told her that life is not about to catch up to other people, it’s about challenging yourself to be the best you can be.


Joey Muthengi is not only a great rapper, actress, radio and TV presenter but also an enthusiastic blogger.

She is a Former TPF and Ebru TV host. Joey Muthengi from the ‘Sugar and Spice’Joey Muthengi show left the James-Gichuru based media house over poor pay.

‘Sugar and Spice’ was a family talk show where Joey would invite celebrities as guests, get to talk about trending topics, family and career over a chef prepared meal.

She had taken the mantel from Mkamzee Mwatela who hosted the 1st season of Sugar and Spice.
Joey Muthengi has currently replaced Kirigo Ng’arua on Power Breakfast show on Citizen Television, who has since stamped her authority on Lunch time news.

Joey Muthengi link to illuminati

Joey  left question marks in most people’s minds when she took on the social media to flatter illuminati gesture.

Joey Muthengi

Apparently her action fell on the radar of an international anti-illuminati watchdog which put her on the spot.

The Lions Ground Entertainment Group Network, an alternative news about the Illuminati, secret societies, governments secrets and mysterious paranormal stories, ruthlessly mauled Joey saying she was another low life brain dead zombie talentless enslaved Babylon moron just like Kanye West.

The group says the former TPF host is using her non-profit charity organization, Muthengi Foundation, to brainwash children by teaching them illuminati hand gestures.

Lions Ground Entertainment Group Network adds that the  ideas Joey  is allegedly promoting will slaughter children in Africa. They labeled her ‘Low Muthengi.’