KCPE 2020 Social Studies and Religious Education Past Paper-Free KCPE Past Papers with Answers

Part I: Social Studies and Religious Education

Kenya Certificate of Primary Education

2020 Social Studies And Religious Education

Study the map of Banda Area and answer questions 1-7.

1. What is the approximate length of the tarmac road from the bridge to the western edge of the map?

A.✔ 9 kin.

B. S km.

C. 12 kin.

D. 11 kin.

2. The feature formed by river Romo at its mouth is called

A. a delta

B. a tributary

C.✔ an estuary

D. a confluence.

3. The climate experienced near the sea is likely to be

A. cool and wet

B. hot and dry

C.✔ hot and wet

D. cool and dry.

4. The main factor that has influenced the settlement of people in Mawa area is

A. transport

B. security

C.✔ water

D. urban centre.

5.Which one of the following religions is practised in Mawa area?

A.✔ Islam.

B. Christianity.

C. Traditional.

D. Hinduism.

6. Which one of the following activities is not practised in Mawa area?

A. Dairy farming.

B.✔ Mining.

C. Trading.

D. Transportation.

7. Mawa area is likely to be administered by

A. Deputy County CominisSioner

B. Assistant County Commissioner

C. Regional Coordinator

D.✔ County Commissioner.

8. In traditional African societies, skills in crafts were taught through

A. songs

B. riddles

C. story telling

D.✔ apprenticeship.

9. Which one of the following groups of coiiiinunities in Africa is made up of West Atlantic speakers?

A.✔ Fulani, Wolof mid Tukolor.

B. Dagomba, Gunna and Fulani.

C. Wolof, Yoruba and Bergu.

D. Hausa, Tuaregs and Andarawa.

10. Which one of the following is a traditional weather observation method?

A. Use of satellites.

B. Use of thermometers.

C. Observing the wind vane.

D.✔ Observing night temperatures.

11. Traditional artefacts are important because they

A.✔ help preserve our culture

B. promote national unity

C. promote western culture

D. preserve our industries.

12. The feature shown below was formed through

A. erosion

B. volcanicity

C. down warping

D.✔ deposition.

13. Which one of the following statements is true about the political organisation of the Klioikhoi?

A. They were ruled by kings.

B.✔ Decisions were reached through consensus.

C. Disputes were settled in courts.

D. They had a council of ministers.

14. Below are characteristics of a type of vegetation in Eastern Africa.

(i) Most trees are tall.

(ii) Trees are mainly hardwood.

(iii) Trees are of the same species.

(iv) Trees mature fast.

(v) There is little undergrowth.

Which one of the following combination of characteristics describes tropical rain forest?

A (i), (ii), (iv)

B. (iii). (iv), (v)

C. (ii), (iii), (v).

D.✔ (i), (ii), (v).

15. The following marriages allow polygan4y


A. Civil

B.✔ Christian

C. Islamic

D. Customary.

16.Which one of the following is not a benefit of poiiltry farming in Kenya?

A. A source of manure.

B. Used as food.

C. A source of income.

D.✔ Used as bride price.

17. The population structure in Kenya is different from that of Germany in that

A. families in ICenya are smaller than in Genrany

B. the dependency ratio in Germany is higher than in kenya

C.✔ death rate in Gennany is lower than in Kenya

D. there are wore old people in Kenya than in Germany.

18. Which one of the following is the best means to transport fish from Kenya to Europe?

A. Railway.

B.✔ Air.

C. Water.

D. Road.

19. Which one of the following groups of crops are grown at Perkerra irrigation scheme?

A. Rice, tomatoes, chillies.

B. Rice, beans, cucumbers.

C.✔ Seed maize, water melon, onions.

D. Cotton, water melon, sugar cane.

20. The diagram below shows a road sign.

The road sign indicates

A. a roundabout

B.✔ no entry

C. a straight road ahead

D. no turning.

21. The following are characteristics of a climatic region in Africa.

(i) Hot dry summer.

(ii) Rainfall is caused by westerly wincls.

(iii) Temperature ranges between 13° and 26°

(iv) Rainfall is experienced in winter.

The climatic region described above is

A. tropical

B. equatorial

C.✔ mediterranean

D. warrn temperate.

Study the diagram below and answer question 22.

22. The diagram above indicates

A. a land breeze

B.✔ a sea breeze

C. relief rainfall

D. coiivectional rainfall.

23. Which one of the following may lead to lawlessness in a society?

A. Equal distribution of resources.

B.✔ Poverty.

C. Obeying those in authority.

D. Employment.

24. Which one of the following minerals is matched with the place where it is mined?

mineral Place where mined

A. Diatornlte Kerio valley.

B. Flourspar Ngoineni.

C. Salt Kariandusi.

D.✔ Limestone Athi River.

25. Matiy tourists are attracted to visit Mount Kenya each year mainly because of the

A. monuments

B. sports

C. wildlife

D.✔ scenery.

26. Which one of the following is an effect of deforestation?

A. Exposes minerals.

B.✔ Spreads deserts.

C. Encourages agro forestry.

D. Protects water catchment.

Study the map below and use it to answer questions 27—30.

27. The pre-historic site found iii the area marked W is called

A.✔ Koobi fora

B. Fort Ternan

C. Olorgesaille

D. Hyrax hill.

28. What is the name of the national park marked X?

A. Meru.

B. Aberdare.

C.✔ Marsabit.

D. Malka Mari.

29. The name of the town marked Y is

A. Eldoret

B. Nakuru

C.✔ Thika

D. Kisumu.

30. The type of vegetation found in the shaded area marked Z is

A.✔ mangrove

B. moorland

C. savanna

D. bamboo.

31. Who among the following traditional leaders collaborated with the British during the establishment of the colonial rule?

A. Mekatilili wa Menza.

B.✔ Nabongo Muinia.

C. Masakii.

D. Koitalel Arap Samoei.

32. Class eight pupils visited a site where whining had been taking place near their school. Which effect of mining did they observe?

A. Mineral deposits.

B.✔ Open pits.

C. Wild animals.

D. Forests.

33. Which one of the following economic activities is carried out in the semi-desert climate of Kenya?

A.✔ Tourism.

B. Dairy fanning.

C. Flower fanning.

D. Fishing.

34. Which one of the following is the main problem facing trade in Eastern Africa?

A. Lack of a common currency.

B. Lack of a common language.

C. Poverty among the people.

D.✔ Similarity of goods produced

35. Below are descriptions of an early visitor.

(i) He was sent to look for Dr. David Livingstone.

(ii) His efforts led to the creation of Congo Free State.

(iii) He wrote a book about his experiences in Africa.

The early visitor described above is

A. John Speke

B. Johannes Rebinman

C. Vasco da Gania

D.✔ Henry Morton Stanley.

36. The best way to reduce pollution in urban centres is by

A.✔ setting up industries in rural areas

B. establishing modern mouses in slums

C. providing dust bins in the streets

D. construction of bypasses

37. Below are factors that influence population growth.

(i) War

(ii) Cultural practices

(iii) Early marriages

(iv) Diseases

Which combination of the factors leads to high population growth?

A. (i), (ii)

B. (ii), (iv)

C (i), (iv)

D✔ (ii), (iii)

38. Who among the following African leaders served in the French army?

A. Julius Nyerere.

B. Gamal Abdel Nasser.

C.✔ Leopold S. Senglior.

D. Haile Selassie.

39. The following statements describe a type of livestock farming.

(i) Large herds of animals are kept.

(ii) Cattle, sheep and goats are kept.

(iii) Communities move from one place to another.

The type of livestock farming described above is

A. Dairy farming

B.✔ Pastoral farming

C. Poultry fanning

D. Ranching.

40. Below is a diagram showing a method of fishing

The method of fishing shown in the diagram is

A. hook and line

B.✔ long line

C. purse seining

D. drifting.

41. Three of the following areas were affected by settler farming in Kenya. Which one was not?

A. Mem.

B. Kiambu.

C.✔ Narok.

D. Kericho.

42. The following are ways in which democracy is practised in school except

A. allowing pupils to elect their leaders

B. encouraging pupils to choose clubs

C.✔ making pupils to participate in games

D. allowing pupils to participate in making class rules.

43. Below are conditions required by a certain

crop in Eastern Africa.

(i) Temperatures of between 19° and 26°

(ii) Annual rainfall between 800 and 1800 mm.

(iii) Deep well drained fertile soils.

(iv) Protection front strong winds.

The crols that grows under the conditions listed above is

A.✔ coffee

B. cloves

C. pyrethnnn

D. banana.

44. Which one of the early political association in kenya was founded by Harry Thuku?

A. Kikuyu Central Association.

B.✔ Yoiing Kikuyu Association.

C. Kavirondo Taxpayers Welfare Association.

D. East African Association.

45. Three of the following factoi‘s promote peace in the society except

A. transparency

B. rule of law

C.✔ favouritism

D. dialogue.

46. Juma was asked by his teacher to give one way of controlling gulley erosion. What would be the correct response?

A. Making terraces.

B.✔ Constructing of check dams.

C. Planting cover crops.

D. Contour ploughing.

47. Which one of the following is a similarity between the systems of government in Kenya and Swaziland? Both

A. have a multiparty democracy

B. have a prime minister

C.✔ have two houses of Parliament

D. are headed by a President.

48. A five year old girl whose parents identity and nationality are not known has been found in Kenya. She will become a Kenyan citizen by

A.✔ birth

B. registration

C. adoption

D. court ruling.

49. Which one of the following combinations consist of service industries?

A. Steel rolling, plastic making, ship building.

B.✔ Tourism, printing, hairdressing.

C. Ship building, tourism, soap making.

D. Shoe making, hairdressing, grain milling.

50. Sarah was asked by tier teacher to five ways of caring for persons with physical disability. Which one of the responses below would not be correct?

A. Providing wheel chairs.

B. Constructing ramps.

C.✔ Using of sign language.

D. Designing special vehicles.

51. Which one of the following features is not

A. Two spears.

B.✔ Cock.

C. Shield.

D. Four colours.

52. One of the benefits of democracy is that, it

A. makes people to join political parties

B. gives leaders permanent powers

C. enables leaders to be above the law

D.✔ enables citizens to elect their leaders.

53. The best action to take if you found your friend stealing from the neighbour’s farm is to

A. call the owner to beat him up

B.✔ report the matter to the chief

C. ignore and go your way

D. share the stolen goods.

54. Which one of the following is a reason why the European countries scrambled for colonies in Africa? To

A. promote African culture

B. obtain slaves for their farms

C. promote development of Africa

D.✔ acquire markets for their goods.

55. A class seven teacher intends to take her class to visit the River Tana projects. Which one of the following dams are they likely to see?

A. Kariba.

B.✔ Kindaruma.

C. Akosombo.

D. Aswan.

56. Who assigns duties to teachers in a school?

A. Deputy headteacher.

B. School chairperson.

C. Head of department.

D.✔ Headteacher.

57. Who among the following is a member of the County assembly?

A. Governor.

B. Cabinet Secretary.

C.✔ Speaker.

D. Women Representative.

58. Which one of the following organisations found in the National Flag of Kenya? was formed to maintain peace after the second world war?

A. League of Nations.

B. The Commonwealth.

C.✔ United Nations.

D. Organisation of African Unity.

59. Who among the following is the head of the Judicial system in Kenya?

A.✔ Chief Justice.

B. Attorney General.

C. Solicitor General.

D. Chief Registrar

60.✔ One way in which the government spends its revenue is by

A. building roads

B. paying fines for law breakers

C. paying taxes

D. buying houses for its workers.



61. Which one of the following actions was taken by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden when they realised they had sinned against God? They

A. left the Garden of Eden

B.✔ sewed fig leaves to cover themselves

C. asked God for forgiveness

D. ate the fruit from the tree in the middle of the Garden of Eden.

62. Which one of the following was a promise God gave to Abraham during his call? God would

A. make his kingdom last forever

B. build a house for him

C. make his descendants priests

D.✔ give him many descendants.

63. A virtue Christians acquire front the incident when Jacob was willing to work for a long time for his uncle Laban is that they should be

A.✔ patient

B. respectful

C. honest

D. thankful.

64. Moses removed lits shoes when God appeared to mirn in the form of a burning bush in order to

A. show he was afraid of God

B. show his closeness to God

C.✔ show his obedience to God

D. avoid God’s punishment.

65. Which one of the following commandments teaches Christians to respect other people’s lives?

A. Do not steal.

B.✔ Do not commit imlrder.

C. Do not commit adultery.

D. Do not desire another man’s house.

66. The main lesson Christians learn from the incident when Ruth followed Naomi to her native land is that they should be

A. obedient

B. honest

C. trustworthy

D.✔ persistent.

67. A lesson Christians learn front the story of David and Goliath is that they should be

A. kind

B. loyal

C.✔ courageous

D. faithfull.

68. Who among the following prophets foretold that the messiah would be called the “Prince of Peace”? Prophet

A.✔ Isaiah

B. Nathan

C. Jeremiah

D. Micah.

69. The reason why Prophet Daniel was thrown in the den of lions was because

A. lie was in a foreign land

B. the lions were hungry

C.✔ he worshipped God

D. he was hated by the King.

70. “Peace be with you! The Lord is with you and has greatly blessed you.” (Luke

1:2S). These words were spoken by Angel Gabriel to

A. Joseph

B. Elizabeth

C. Zechariali

D.✔ Mary.

71. When he was twelve years old, Jesus remained in the temple as his parents went home because

A.✔ He wanted to be in his Father’s house

B. He wanted to exercise his freedom

C. His parents were unaware

D. The passover festival was enjoyable.

72. The devil asked Jesus to throw himself down for God would order His angel to take good care of him. Which one of the following is a response that Jesus gave to the devil?

A. “Man shall not live by bread alone.”

B. “Get behind me satan.”

C.✔ “Do not put the Lord your God to test.”

D. “Worship the Lord your God and serve only Him.”

73. Jesus said “Look at the birds: they do not plant seeds, gather a harvest and put it

in barns, yet your Father in heaven takes care of them.” (Mat. 6:26). This teaches Christians that they should

A. care for God’s creation

B.✔ trust in God

C. love others

D. work hard

74. Which one of the following parables of Jesus teaches Cluistians to be humble before God during prayer? The parable of the

A. rich man

B. unforgiving servant

C. friend at midnight

D.✔ Pharisee and the tax collector.

75. Which one of the following miracles was performed by Jesus at Cana of Galilee?

A.✔ Changing water into wine.

B. Calming the storm.

C. Raising Lazarus from the dead.

D. Feeding the five thousand people.

76. Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus because

A. he was a friend of the Romans

B. he had disagreed with the other disciples

C.✔ he hoped to get some money

D. lie wanted to become famous.

77. The two disciples who were walking to Eniniaus could not recognise Jesus because

A. they were busy talking

B. they did not believe in resurrection

C. Jesus was dead and buried

D.✔ Jesus had not revealed himself to their.

78. On the day of Pentecost, the presence of the Holy Spirit was manifested through

A. an earthquake

B. healing the sick

C.✔ speaking in other languages

D. singing hymns.

79. The main lesson Christians learn from the story of Ananias and Sapphira is that they should

A. join others during worship

B.✔ tell the truth

C. be generous to others

D. sell their belongings and give the money to the church.

80. Which one of the following set of boxes contains the fruit of the Holy Spirit?

A.✔ Goodness. Patience. Self control.

B. Wisdom. Love.Peace.

C. Prophecy. Faithfulness. Joy

D. Kindness. Humility. Knowledge.

81. Which one of the following ways of worship of God is common to both traditional African communities and Christianity?

A. Offering of sacrifices.

B. Reciting creed.

C. Pouring libation.

D.✔ Giving offerings.

82. A belief about God that is common to both traditional African communities and Christianity is that God

A.✔ is all powerful

B. lives on mountains

C. is a trinity

D. has a son.

83. The main reason why dowry is paid in traditional African communities is

A. to enrich the girl’s family

B. to pay for the services to be offered by the girl

C.✔ to seal the marriage

D. a sign of the ability to provide by the man.

84. Which one of the following is the main duty of priests in traditional African communities?

A. Settling disputes.

B. Giving people protective charms.

C. Praying for rainfall.

D.✔ Leading people in worship.

85. Christians in Kenya promote development in the country through

A.✔ building hospitals

B. attending home fellowships

C. preaching the gospel

D. composipg gospel songs.

86. Your desk mate, Martha, does not want to share the Christian religious textbook with you.

As a Christian what is the best action that you should take?

A. Report the matter to your class teacher.

B.✔ Advise Martha on the importance of sharing.

C. Borrow the textbook from other c1assrriates.

D. Tell your parents to buy the textbook

for you.

87. Your classmate Jaimes is reluctant to clean dishes at home because he considers it as a duty for girls. As a Christian what is the correct advise you would give him? Tell him

A. to request his parents to hire a domestic servant

B. to request his sister to assist him wash dishes

C.✔ the value of sharing out work

D. to avoid doing that work.

88. Which one of the following leisure activities is practised in both traditional African communities and Christianity?

A. Watching films.

B. Reading books.

C. Visiting orphanages.

D.✔ Dancing.

89. Hannah, a Standard Six pupil, collected a hundred shillings note while playing in

the field. As a Christian, which one of the following is the correct action for her to take?

A.✔ Give it to her class teacher.

B. Leave it in the field.

C. Keep the money.

D. Share the money with her friends.

90. Silas, a Standard Eight pupil, tells you that he intends to have prernarital sex with a Standard Five girl.

As a Christian, what is the correct action for you to take?

A. Tell your classmates about it.

B. Ignore Silas and keep the secret.

C.✔ Tell Silas the dangers of the action.

D. Report Silas to the ciass teacher.



61. In Surah Al-Fatihaa Muslims ask Allah to guide them towards

A. the good knowledge

B. the right deeds

C.✔ the straight path

D. the correct way.

62. In which one of the following Num/is’ is Prophet Muhammad (P.b.u.h) granted a river in paradise?

A. Al-Quraish.

B. Al-Maun.

C. Al-Kafirum.

D.✔ Al-kauthar.

63. A surah that teaches Muslims to advice others to perform good deeds is

A.✔ Al-Asr

B. Al-Htumaza

C. Al-Ikhlas.s

D. Al-Falaq.

64. Which among the following is a lesson from I’m cili Al-Fil?

A. Allah is merciful.

B.✔ Allah is all powerful.

C. Muslims should be God fearing.

D. Muslitiis should love one another.

65. In Surah Al-Adiyal, Muslims are wanted against

A. idol worship

B. delay in performing Swalat

C. mistreating orphans

D.✔ extreme love for wealth.

According to the Harlitli of the Prophet (P.b.u.h), the displeasure of Allah is caused by

A. failure to worship only Him

B. failure to perform good deeds

C.✔ displeasure of parents

D. displeasure of teachers.

67. A Standard Four class teacher decides to punish the whole class for noise making yet it was Fatrna the class prefect and her friends who were making noise.

Guided by the Hadith of the Prophet (P.b.u.h) what should the other classmates do? They should

A. tell the class teacher the truth

B. accept and do the punishment

C. refuse to do the punishment

D.✔ report to the head teacher.

68. On which one of the following days is it considered Sunnah to fast?

A. Friday.

B.✔ Monday.

C. 29th of Shaaban.

D. lst of shawwal

69. Which of the following lists contain only items liable for Zakat?

A.✔ Money, personal clothes, minerals, animals.

B. Money, personal clothes, minerals, fniits.

C. Money, minerals, household furniture, treasures.

D. Money, minerals, fruits, animals.

70. There was no water available anywhere in the school and the Standard Four pupils wanted to perform the Dhuhr swalal.

What should they do? They should

A. wait until water is available for wudhu

B. wait and combine Dhuhr and Asr swalal

C.✔ perform tayammum and pray the Dhuhr swalal

D. perform Dhuhr swalal without wudhu

71. Which among the following najasaal can be removed by only sprinkling water?

A. Haidh.

B. Nifas.

C. Mutawasita.

D.✔ Mukhafafah.

72. Which among the following sunnah prayers is performed just before fardh prayer?

A.✔ Qabliyah.

B. Baadiyali.

C. Dliulia.

D. Taraweh.

73. Muslims can control the spread of HIV/AIDs by

A. isolating those who suffer from the disease

B.✔ not sharing syringes with those infected

C. giving food to those who are infected

D. not sharing food with those infected.

74. The act of performing the five daily prayers at their specified times teaches Muslims to be

A. merciful

B. trustworthy

C.✔ punctual

D. respectful.

75. The following are descriptions of a Muslim dress:

(i) covers between the navel and luiee

(ii) long anal loose fitting

(iii) iiiade of silk

(iv) attractive and perfumed

Which of the above statements describes the ideal dress for men?

A.✔ (i) and (iv)

B. (i) and (iii)

C. (iv) and (ii)

D. (iv) and (iii)

76. Who among the following is an angel of Allah?

A. Zakariyah.

B. Ayub.

C. Dhulkifl

D.✔ Malik.

77. When Muslims fear Allah and avoid crossing His boundaries, they are exei-cising

A.✔ taqwa

B. tawakul

C. iman

D. ihsan

78. Which one of the following was not a characteristic of Allah’s prophets?

A. They worked for a living.

B.✔ They had knowledge of the unseen.

C. They were all men.

D. They performed miracles.

79. When Muslims believe in Qadar, they will

A. take care of orphans

B. perform swalal on time

C.✔ be satisfied with what they have

D. live peacefully with non-Muslims.

80. Haliina had a lot of homework from school. When she got home, she found her mother busy in the kitchen. What should she do? She shoiild

A. help her mother and ignore her homework

B. do her homework then watch TV

C. do her homework and let her mother work in the kitchen

D.✔ help her mother and do her homework later.

81. When Muslims receive news about the death of another Muslim they should say

A. Subhanallah wabihamdi

B.✔ lnnalillahi wainnaa illaihi rajium

C. Alhamdull rabil’alamin

D. Lahaula Wala Quwwata Illa Billah?

82. The best way of showing love to the Prophet (P.b.u.h) is by

A.✔ following his example

B. talking about him

C. praising him daily

D. visiting his grave.

83. Who among the following uncles of the Prophet (P.b.u.h) was killed during the battle of Uhud?

A. Abu Talib.

B. Abu lahab.

C.✔ Hamza.

D. Abbas.

84. In the pledge of Aqabah, it was agreed that

A.✔ Yathribites will be faithful to the Prophet (P.b.u.h)

B. Yathribites should change the name of Yathrib to Madina

C. Muslims will not enter Makka that year

D. Muslims will perform Hajj the following year.

85. Which among the following was a result of the boycott of Bamu Hashim

A. Battle of Uhnd.

B. Battle of Badr.

C. Death of Hours-a.

D.✔ Death of Abu Talib.

86. The main agent of the spread of Islam along the Coast of Kenya was

A. intermarriage

B.✔ trade

C. Muslim culture

D. Muslim missionaries.

87. The reason why Friday is an important day to Muslims is because on this day, they

A.✔ perform Jum’ah prayer

B. give out sadaqah

C. take care of their families

D. observe sunnah fast.

88. Muslims celebrate Mulial main by

A. preaching

B. praying

C.✔ fasting

D. feasting.

89. Which one of the following characteristics is common among Muslims? They all

A. Drink zamzam water.

B.✔ Face Qiblah during Swalat.

C. Eat dates during Ramadhan.

D. Perform swalat in the mosque.

90. Which one of the following was a miracle of Nabi Musa?

A. Survived heavy floods.

B. Survived a raging fire.

C. Brought the dead back to life.

D.✔ Turned a stick into a snake.



61. Parmatma knows the reason why the devotees pray to Him.

This attribute of Parmatma is known as

A.✔ Omniscient

B. Omnipresent

C. all pervading

D. all powerful.

62. The main quality that was demonstrated by Lord Krishna when he defeated Kalinag is

A. diligence

B. compassion

C.✔ courage

D. humility.

63. Saraswati the Goddess of learning is the consort of

A. Vishnu

B.✔ Barhma

C. Mahesh

D. Krishna.

64. Which one of the following was created by Parniatma to provide energy for life? The

A. stars

B. planet

C.✔ sun

D. moon.

65.The following are statements about a Jain Tirthanker

(i) In the previous birth, the Tirthanker

was known as mahabal

(ii) The symbol of the Tirthanker is kumbha

(iii) The Tirthanker proved that a body rots and dies.

The statements above describe

A. Parshavanath

B.✔ Mallinath

C. Chandanbala

D. Ajitnath

66. A Sikh Guru who was beheaded for refusing to change his religion is

A.✔ Guru Teg Bahadur

B. Guru Amar Dasji

C. Guru Ram Dasji

D. Guru Arjan Devji.

67. Which one of the following statements explains about the scripture called Sliruti!.

A. It contains knowledge that is gotten from the Upanishads

B. It contains many stories of morality and ethics.

C. It has the books that have been written in Sanskrit.

D.✔ It has knowledge that has been passed on through listening.

68. Swami Dayanand Saraswati wrote

A. raise the funds

B.✔ revive vedic teachings

C. promote patriotism

D. popularise Aiya Sarnaj.

69. In the battlefield of Kurukshetra Shri Krishna reminded Arjun to

A.✔ do his duty as a soldier

B. take revenge front the /rauravas

C. teach kauravas a lesson

D. punish Bhishma for siding with kauravas

70. Which one of the following groups of principles are found in Jainism?

A. Ahimsa, Dharma, Pratyahar, Dhruti, Dama.

B. Charity, yam, Niyam, Akrodh, asteya.

C. Asteya, Sham, Simplicity, aparigraha, sheel

D.✔ Ahinsa, Satya, Asteya, Aparigraha, Anekantwad

71. Which one of the following actions signifies Ahimsa*

A.✔ Treating pets kindly.

B. Speaking politely.

C. Planting trees.

D. Cleaning the school compound.

72. Which one of the following is the best way to deal with anger?

A. To fight back with the one who makes you angry.

B. Walk away from the person who makes you angry.

C.✔ Think about why you became angry.

D. Keep yourself busy.

73. Ragini went to post a letter and joined a queue which was moving slowly.

Suddenly a man came and went to the front of the queue. What action should Ragini take?

A. Keep quiet.

B.✔ Tell the man to go back.

C. Shout at the man.

D. Pull him back.

74. The principle of Dharma that Ram observed when he went to the forest for fourteen years is

A.✔ obedience

B. honesty

C. truthfulness

D. forgiveness.

75. The place of worship where sliabads are recited is

A. Derasai-

B. Mandii-

C. Surya

D.✔ Gw-udwara.

76. When the devotees get together to worship in a mandir it makes them feel

A.✔ the presence of Par inatina

B. the sense of unity

C. relieved from negative vibrations

D. mental peace.

77. A tuft of hair is left on the scalp of a boy who is undergoing the sanskar of

A.✔ Vivaha

B. Upanayan

C. Nishkraman

D. Karna vedha.

78. Which one of the pilgrimage place is

correctly matched with its faith?

A. Pavapuri Sikhs

B. Buddha Gaya Jains

C. Talwandi Buddhists

D.✔ Amarnath Hindus.

79. The following are the steps observed in the preparation of an Utsav

(i) A mandap is prepared and decorated.

(ii) A murti is installed in the centre.

(iii) Devotees gather together in the evenings.

(iv) They play garbas in praise of the

presiding murti.

(v) Arti is performed and prasad is distributed.

The Utsav that is described above is

A. Diwali

B. Holi

C.✔ Navratri

D. Janmashtami

80. During the celebration of Guru Purab the Sikh devotees honour their gurus mainly for their

A. martyrdom

B. knowledge

C. sacrifice

D.✔ guidance.

81. Jain devotees during the festival of Diwafi light deepaks because Lord Mahavir on that day

A. was born

B. got married

C.✔ attained nirvana

D. renounced the world.

82. How many postures does Surya Namaskar,

the yogasan contain

A. 9

B.✔ 10

C. 11

D. 12.

83. Standard Seven pupils decided to help a neighbouring community by collecting the trash for them. Which type of yoga did the pupils demonstrate?

A. Bhakti yoga

B.✔ Raj yoga.

C. Jnana yoga.

D. Karma yoga.

84. In order to perform yoga asanas a devotee has to learn to

A. sit correctly

B. stand correctly

C.✔ breathe correctly

D. chant a mantra.

85. Hema realised that the children from the neighbourhood did not know how to read because they could not afford school fees.

She set up a library where she taught them how to read.

By doing this, the quality that Hema demonstrated is

A.✔ kindness

B. simplicity

C. obedience

D. tolerance.

86. The main duty expected of a Kenyan citizen is to

A. pay taxes

B. sing the National Anthem

C. keep the environment clean

D. attend fundraising activities.

87. Who among the following pupils demonstrated the right attitude towards other people according to Hindu teachings?

A. Ishita respects only the people from Hindu religion.

B. Rushita does not mix with the poor in school.

C. Sushma refuses to be taught by a teacher of another faith.

D.✔ Ishani speaks to their househelp with respect.

88. Which one of following is the best activity to involve Standard Eight pupils in during the weekends?

A. Participate in school games.

B.✔ Participate in charitable activities.

C. Take a trip to the national park.

D. Take part in a picnic with friends.

89. The statements below are about a river in India.

(i) It is considered a holy river.

(ii) Its source is the Himalayas.

(iii) It was contained in the dreadlocks of Lord Shiva.

(iv) Ashes of the dead are immersed there.

(v) A dip in the river is believed to wash away one’s sins.

The river described above is

A. Mahi

B. Narmada

C. Kaveri

D.✔ Ganga.

90. In the Krishna paksha on the fifteenth day the moon can be

A.✔ invisible

B. half

C. full

D. three quarters.