Here is exactly what killed LUCY MUTHONI KIBAKI

Here is exactly what killed LUCY MUTHONI KIBAKI

Lucy Kibaki ‘s Personal Physician finally decided to reveal what exactly caused her death just a few days after she was laid to rest on Saturday in her Othaya farm, Nyeri County.

Lucy Kibaki

Lucy Kibaki died on Tuesday, April 26th, while undergoing treatment at Bupa Cromwell Hospital in London.

The cause of her death was not made public but many Kenyans suspected that she died as a result of heart complications and breathing problems.

But on Tuesday, Lucy’s Personal Physician, Dr Sam Gituku said the former mother of nation had no heart complications or breathing problems.

Dr Gituku said Lucy was suffering from an ailment related to atrophy.

Atrophy is a condition that mostly occurs in old age.

It is a state that involves wasting away or decrease in size of an organ or tissue in the body.

Lucy suffered from ‘muscle wasting’ that commonly occurs on old people due to inadequacies in protein diet or absence of certain muscle building amino acids.

The late First Lady’s condition could have been treated by amino acid therapy to facilitateLucy Kibaki the regeneration of damaged tissue but it seems that the doctors were a little late.

While at Bupa Cromwell Hospital in London, they may have tried another procedure of administering Anabolic steroids if her atrophy was severe but she did not make it.