M-PESA Kadogo- Safaricom new M-PESA tariff.

M-PESA Kadogo- Safaricom new M-PESA tariff.

Safaricom has introduced a new M-PESA tariff known as ‘M-PESA Kadogo’ in order to drive financial inclusion that will allow M-PESA customers to carry out specific transactions for free that are Kshs. 100 and below . M-PESA customers will also be able to send as little as Ksh.1


Transactions that are included in M-PESA Kadogo:

Send money to M-PESA registered users ( Ksh.100 and below) Lipa na M-PESA ( Kshs.100 and below) Paybill payments (Customer to Business) – Ksh.100 and below.

Transactions that are excluded in M-PESA Kadogo include:

Send money to unregistered users. Withdrawal from ATMS and M-PESA agents. Payments to gaming organizations.

charges for gaming:

Payments to gaming organizations will be charged at the prevailing rate.

Charges for other M-PESA transactions:

All other M-PESA transactions will continue getting charged as per the prevailing rates.

Limit as to how many times I can transact for free:

M-PESA KadogoThere will be limit of send money to the same number within an hour but all the transactions are allowed.

Benefits to Lipa na M-PESA merchants and Pay bill organizations:

There will be no charge for receiving payments up to Ksh.100 and below.