Meet King Kaka’s HouseHelp’s Son who Resembles Him.

King Kaka’s wife Nana Owiti introduced her family on social media account only for netizens to react on how her househelp’s son resembles King Kaka.

Here is the post she made.

“Here to bless your timelines…Let me introduce my family members to y’all… The missing one is my sister because she’d had a minor accident as we were shooting this.
The King(Patriarch) King Kaka
,the head of our family and the provider as much. Also, hes a GENIUS and has a beautiful mind and heart.. I should start a YouTube channel just to talk about this man. 😆 He’s holding our son(@princeiroma ) 3yrs. Iroma, in Dholuo means ‘unanitosha’ this boy is my answered prayer. Loving and sweet..
then…Me…in front of me is my 1st born daughter Nana&King Kaka’s Princess
she’s very assertive and speaks her mind. Such a sweetheart and very responsible. Helps us raise the other babies. She calls them ‘the babies..’ 😆
Next to me is our domestic manager #Christine holding her son #Roy. She’s been with us almost 7 years now. Very organized,clean freak and respectful. We call her TinTin.
Roy is our bonus child and the last born in our family. He’s playful,catches feelings easily but such a sweet boy. He will say hi to you 1000000000 times in a day. For the longest time,he called his mom TinTin like t he rest of us. After a lot of blackmailing from the mom 😆 he now calls her ‘Mummy’ his tongue slips every now and then but quickly corrects himself. He calls me ‘Mamaaa’ and I love it.
I’m grounded by this unit. I pray for this unit and I’m happy with this UNIT.

Nana Owiti at the middle

Response from netizens

Linnet Mboji
“They are just wow Nana🥰🥰and Roy just resembles prince aaawww Yani nimekubigup the way you treat him…God bless you”

Joy Chemely Chunge
Linnet Mboji
“I thought ni mm macho yananidanganya yes Roy and Iroma wanafanana I love them for free”

Shaleen Achieng
“Wow! Imagine those boys look alike as if they were twins …Nana ur such a beautiful soul continue with the same spirit girl.”

Yvonne Verol
“The boys look together are they twins😍😍”