Narok university college- Fees, website, courses, Student Portal, intake, contacts.

Narok university college- Fees, website, courses, intake, contacts.

A comprehensive list of all short courses, certificate and diploma courses offered at Narok university college.

Bridging Courses

-Bridging Course in Mathematics
-Bridging Course in Biology
-Bridging Course in Physics
-Bridging Course in Chemistry

Degree Courses

-Bachelor of science in Applied Statistics with Computing
-Bachelor of Arts in Social Work
-Bachelor of Science in Media Science
-Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management
-Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies
-Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration
-Bachelor of Science (Communication and Public Relations)
-Bachelor of Arts(Community Development)
-Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
-Bachelor of Education(Arts)
-Bachelor of Education(Science)
-Bachelor of Education(Special Education)
-Bachelor of Arts(Economics)
-Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)
-Bachelor of Science(Seed Science and Technology)
-Bachelor of Science(Horticultural Science and Management)
-Bachelor of Science(Information Sciences)
-Bachelor of Education(Guidance and Counselling)
-Bachelor of Education(Early Childhood and Primary Education)
-Bachelor of Education in Hotel and Hospitality Management
-Bachelor of Science in Animal Science and Management
-Bachelor of Science in Tourism and Travel Management
-Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management

Masters Courses

-Master of Hospitality Management
-Master of Philosophy in Early Childhood Education
-Master of Philosophy in Economics of Education
-Master of Philosophy in Education and Administration
-Master of Philosophy in Education Planning
-Master of Philosophy in Guidance and Counseling
-Master of Philosophy in Human Resource Development
-Master of Philosophy in Wildlife Management
-Master of Philosophy in Tourism Management

Diploma Courses

Diploma in Guidance & Counselling
Diploma in Information Technology
Diploma in Human Resource Management
Diploma in Social Work
-Diploma in Agriculture
Diploma in Tourism Management
Diploma in Community Development
Diploma in Business Management
Diploma in Public Administration
-Diploma in Agricultural Economics
-Diploma in sustainable agriculture
-Diploma in horticulture
-Diploma in Economics of Education
-Diploma in Education Planning
-Diploma in Educational Administration
Diploma in Economics
Diploma in hotel and restaurant management

Fee Structure

Fees varies per programme, for details on fees and account number concerning Narok university college, kindly contact the admissions office.

Application Forms

Application forms can be obtained from the admissions office.


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Location: Narok
Postal Address: Not Available
Telephone Number: 0722819438

Narok university college