New Education System in Kenya-(2-6-6-3).

New Education System in Kenya-(2-6-6-3).

The New Education System in Kenya is set to replace the current 8-4-4 system, which has been criticized for not being skill oriented. The new system is set to be reviewed by the Ministry of Education, led by Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i for possible adoption.

How the New Education System in Kenya will work.

New Education System in Kenya encourages students to specialize in areas where they are good at, which means that they don’t have to waste all their time pursuing in-achievable goals they never wished for.

According to the new curriculum (2-6-3-3-3), students are expected to study for 2-years in pre-primary, 6-years primary, 6-years high school which will be 3-years in the junior secondary and 3-years in the senior secondary and 3 years in the higher education.

Further explanation

According to the new education system in Kenya , primary education will be split into two categories, which comprises of Pre-primary taking two years and Primary education taking six years. Students will then be expected to advance to Junior Secondary School where it will take them three years before joining the Senior Secondary level.

At the senior level, they will take another three years focusing on their areas of specialization which will be determined by their abilities and interests. After the senior secondary stage, students will go ahead to either enroll at vocational training centres or pursue university education.

New Education System in KenyaNew Education System in Kenya Evaluation

In the new education system in Kenya, students will be evaluated through continuous assessment tests, offered by the respective schools to enable the learners transition by gauging the students skills, competencies and abilities which will see national examinations scrapped off.