OJ Tahidi High- Biography, Age, Wife, Son.

Dennis Mugo commonly known as OJ Tahidi High was the Kenyan teen drama at Tahidi High. He has completely evolved into a family as a father. It is now close to a decade since Dennis Mugo and Sarah Hassan, who is popularly known as Tanya in Tahidi High drama, left Tahidi High to explore other ventures and many could argue that the show has never been the same again.

There was a time, it was rumored that OJ was flying off the handle and that he was being consumed by alcohol. However, he seemed to be doing well in life.

OJ was the bad boy character in Tahidi High play and was totally smitten by Sarah Hassan. The action packed high school drama, with full of intrigue, love, infighting as well as the usual battle of the sexes that was Tahidi High seemed to come alive.

Although Dennis Mugo was young all girls wanted to get a piece of and even with all the side shows, his star seemed constantly on the rise becoming one of the most promising actors. While he was still trying to balance his acting career and his social life on the fast lane, what was not expected happened. He lost his high position in Tahidi High after becoming addicted in alcohol almost tearing his career to pieces.

Besides, acting he was part of the Tahidi High technical team, he waw an assistant director in the popular TV drama show.

In his interview with NTV, he said that he left Tahidi High due to creative differences with the director. He got fired on moral grounds after he failed to show up at work because of his alcohol addiction. He had received warning memos about his drunkenness initially though bared no fruits.

The addiction worsened until some days he would abscond his production duties. Oj Tahidi High finally got fired.



The year he was born or his age is not yet in public domain but the information will be updated as soon as it is available.


He got married to Sarah Hassan who also know as Tanya. Away from Sarah Hassan, his heart later fell for Diana Kiamba, who commonly known as Isabel in Tahidi High. Though their relationship didn’t last long. Oh and Tanya together had a son. He has a beautiful wife and handsome son, Ethan Mugo. As we hope that his son’s grows to be a better actor that his father, check out the lovely family.

 OJ Tahidi High and his wife
OJ Tahidi High and his wife


He has a handsome son known as Ethan Mugo and we hope that his son grows to be a better actor than his father.

OJ Tahidi High and his son
OJ Tahidi High and his son