Omosh Tahidi High- Biography, Age, Family, Wife, Net Worth, Death.

Omosh Tahidi High is one of the most celebrated actors in the Kenya and he started off in Tahidi High show in 2005. He is currently among the most notable actor in the country.

Before joining Tahidi High, Omosh was a garbage collector. His elder sister Naomi Kamau told him to try out for the Tahidi Auditions in 2005. He worked as a garbage truck driver for about 5 years. Naomi Kamau who is a producer in Top Programmes in Royal Media saw that Omosh had something special as an actor. She had seen him since childhood and through the jobs he had done in his earlier years he was ready to act.


The information concerning the year he was born is not yet in public domain but will be updated as soon as it is available.

Omosh Tahidi High


Omosh Tahidi High recently gave his online fans a rare treat after introducing his children to them for the first time. He flaunted his daughter and son on social media, they resemble him.

Omosh Tahidi High and his children
Omosh Tahidi High and his children 

He clearly excited thousands of his online followers and funs after introducing his children. His online funs filled up the comments section with congratulatory messages others asking him to keep raising his children like the good father. He had gone missing for a long time but came back and impressed his fans with his testimony.

He made headlines after revealing that he had gone to seek help after struggling with alcoholism for so many years. Omosh Tahidi High revealed that he had to quit since it was almost ruining his life.


Omosh Tahidi high is married to two wifes and he is proud of them. Mrs. Ngatia in Tahidi High is his first wife. He disclosed that he has a second wife, Shanty Mumbi.

Real name

His real name is Joseph kinuthia

Net Worth

Omosh was lucky to be paid a considerable amount of money after enlisting since many actors in Kenya have always started with a low amount of money. He disclosed that he started with Ksh.3000 per episode but he was given the part he played the very well but his current salary and estimated net worth is not yet in public domain but will be updated as soon as it is available.


Joseph Kinuthia who popularly know as Omosh is not dead. Omosh Tahidi High was involved in a nasty road accident on the Nairobi-Nakuru High way.