Papa Shirandula- Biography, Age, Wife, Children, Married, Charles Bukeko.

Papa Shirandula- Biography, Age, Wife, Children, Married, Charles Bukeko.

Papa Shirandula was an Actor, director, singer, father and husband whose creation of the local comical programme ‘Papa Shirandula’ had continuously gained him fame over the years.


Born in 1962


Born in a humble family background in Buhalarire, Kakamega, Papa Shirandula’s rise to being a star has not been an easy one. It has been a tough journey that has seen him through ups and downs. He attended Jogoo Road Primary School and Upper Hill Secondary.

As the first child in a family of four he had the responsibility to help his parents, Mrs Valeria Makokha and Cosmas Wafula, in taking take care his siblings.

Upon completing school he moved to Nairobi’s sprawling Eastland’s Uhuru estate, where he would often walk many kilometers to the Kenya National Theatre.

He later moved to Phoenix Theatre, where he met renowned actor Ian Mbugua, who introduced him to James Forkland who decided to train him for free on theatre basics for a period of three years.

Apart from the GOTV advert which he appeared on, Papa Shirandula has also been on big time commercials across the world like Coca Cola in Indonesia and Vodacom in South Africa. The Coca-Cola advert was shot in 2001 and ended up being a bang years later.

Papa Shirandula is also the Goodwill Ambassador for South East Asia, and has traveled, acted and done concepts for countries like China, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam Indonesia, Singapore, South Africa, Cambodia, Mauritius and Hong Kong.



He won the Best Actor in a TV series while his programme ‘Papa Shirandula’ won in the Best Comedy category during Kalasha Awards held in 2010. Other awards include Best Comedy in TV series.


Shirandula is married to Beatrice Ebbie Andega with whom they have three children Tony, Charlie and  Wendy.


Papa Shirandula died on Saturday 18th July 2020, while waiting for treatment at Karen Hospital. According to his widow Beatrice Andega, Shirandula had developed breathing problems and had requested for three tests upon arrival at Karen hospital which included, Malaria tests, Pneumonia and covid-19 tests but the hospital concentrated on covid-19 tests ignoring the other tests.


Papa Shirandula was buried on monday 20th July 2020 at his rural home Namisi-Bukeko, Busia County, under strict health regulations to curb the spread of coronavirus.


Papa Shirandula