Is RAY C under a spell? See what is happening in her life, Oh God.

Is RAY C under a spell? See what is happening in her life, Oh God.

Some years back, popular Tanzanian songstress, Ray C, was one of the most celebrated artists in East Africa.
Everywhere she went, the talented singer was given VIP treatment but her career went to the dogs after she started using hard drugs.

Although Ray C quit drugs about two years ago and ventured back to music, she is still struggling with life and cannot afford to pay bills.

While speaking in a recent interview, Ray C, who is currently undergoing treatment in a Tanzanian Hospital, said.

Ray C

“Nowadays am forced to commute using public transportation because I cannot afford to pay for taxi.I am forced to wear Ninja/hijab as per my mum’s advice so as to be able to get to my hospital for methadone without being noticed or mocked. This is not funny at all,this is life and we cannot laugh about it because there is nothing else I can do unless I finish my treatment.’’

Ray C is now appealing for help because her life is in a mess.Ray C

“No rules for anyone who wants to help me. if anyone wants to contribute, say Tsh 10000,Tsh 20000,I don’t mind, they can help in any way they can and I will be grateful. For real, I need to get back in the game and the person who promised to make that happen has left me hanging.’’ She added.