Ruth Matete- Biography, Age, Husband Dead, Songs, Tony, Education.

Ruth Matete- Biography, Age, Husband, Songs, Tony, Education.

Ruth Matete was the 2012 Tusker Project Fame winner. She describes herself as being passionate about Praising God through music, touching and transforming lives through music and reaching out to souls and bringing them to God’s Kingdom.


Ruth Matete went to Dr Krapf and Uhuru Primary School.Thereafter she went to Maasai Girls and St Paul’s Erusui for high school. She later joined Daystar University in 2005 to study Communication.

Earlier Life

Her parents bore her when they were in High School and they later separated and married different people. Ruth Matete was initially living with her mother and step father who always abused her physically and could not allow her to go to school.

Ruth Matete

Ruth  was later on brought to Nairobi to live with her father and step mother who started mistreating her too. Her dad and his wife later divorced over her and his father vowed never to marry again. Her biological mother died a month after she came to Nairobi to live with her father. Since then, the two have lived happily together.

Career Life

Her dad is the one who discovered that she could sing after he requested her to sing for him and he was pleased with how she sang. She would thereafter sing in churches and weddings and later on decided to try out the TPF competition which she won.


Ruth Matete was dating her Tahidi High boyfriend ‘Tysder Prince’ commonly known as Tony but they later broke up.

Ruth Matete


Ruth was married to his Nigerian lover John Apewajoye in November 2019.

Ruth Matete Husband Dead

Ruth Matete’S husband, John Apewajoy died while undergoing treatment for burns at a Nairobi based hospital on saturday the 11th, April 2020 at around 8.30pm. We wish that she finds peace as she mourns her loved one.