SHOCK: Thika Town MP, ALICE NG’ANG’A, impregnated by a robber!

Thika Town MP, ALICE NG’ANG’A, impregnated

Thika Town MP, ALICE NG’ANG’A, impregnated. Thika Town MP, Alice Wambui Nganga, is again making ugly headlines after it emerged that the outspoken lawmaker has been impregnated by a thief who has looted public money.

According to snoops, Alice, 39, has been impregnated by Daniel Barasa, the man who conspired with others to steal from the National Irrigation Board (NIB) via Galana Kulalu projects, where over Sh 7.5 Billion went missing.

Alice and Barasa’s friendship started two years ago after the MP went to NIB offices to request for a tender for her company.

Barasa, who is known to have an undying appetite for anything in a skirt, asked Alice for s*xual favours so that he can award her a tender. The ‘loose’ MP obliged and she had unprotected s*x with Barasa and the rest is history.

Barasa appeared before Milimani Law Courts on Tuesday and was charged for stealing Sh 7.5 billion from NIB.

Barasa is said to have looted the money with the Thika MP and she is using part of the proceeds to construct a multi-million shillings apartment at the heart of Hurlingham, Nairobi.Thika Town MP, ALICE NG’ANG’A, impregnated
Snoops say the MP used her ‘bearded clam’ to blind Barasa who is married to a beautiful wife.