UHURU advised to keep RUTO out of his bedroom, he’s salivating on his wife & may snatch her

COTU Secretary General, Francis Atwoli, has advised President Uhuru Kenyatta to do away with his Deputy, William Ruto, or risk being voted out in 2017.

This follows the many corruption scandals which have riddled the Jubilee administration with Ruto at the center of almost all of them.
Speaking on Sunday, Atwoli told Uhuru that it was time for him to drop Ruto despite having helped him win the Presidency in 2013 because keeping him around is risky as it may not only cost him the Presidency in 2017, he may also be planning to oust him as President.

Atwoli compared Ruto to a man who helped Uhuru get a wife, saying such a man is dangerous to keep him around because he can easily snatch the woman away.

“Kuna msemo wa Kiafrika kwamba yule mtu alikusaidia kupata bibi… huyo mtu ukishapata bibi ukizidi kuwa rafiki yake, atakunyang’anya huyo bibi. Kwa sababu mkikosana na bibi anakuja kusema mbona ulinipeleka huko. Mkikosana na bibi, anaenda kulala kwake (There is an African saying that once someone helps you get a wife, you do not continue keeping him around lest he snatches that wife from you. Whenever there is a problem in the house, she will run to him or even sleep at his house)” Atwoli said.

“I am an elder and I will not be afraid to advise Uhuru to do what his predecessors did: doing away with those that helped them clinch power),” he added.