OFFICIAL! AL SHABAAB killed 180 KDF soldiers in El Adde – Somali’s President says

Somalia President’s Hassan Sheik Mohamud has said that the Al Shabaab militants killed 180 Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) when they raided their camp in El Adde, southern Somalia last month.

In an interview with BBC on Thursday, Mohamed said 180 KDF soldiers paid the ultimate price when KDF struck their base in El Adde.

“When 180 or close to 200 soldiers who were sent to us are killed in one day in Somalia, it’s not easy,” the President said.

“The soldiers have been sent to Somalia to help us get peace in our country, and their families are convinced that they died while on duty,” the President added.

The Kenyan Government has still not given casualty figures from the deadly assault which shocked the whole world.

Kenya has about 4,000 peacekeepers in Somalia and the Government has vowed not to withdraw the soldiers despite pressure from some NGOs and opposition leaders.