Panic as leaflets circulate warning of impending terror attack by AL SHABAAB in the country

The Government of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto, has dismissed reports of an impending terror attack in the country after leaflets circulated on social media warning of an imminent terror attack by Al Shabaab terrorists in Mandera County.

The Al Shabaab leaflets have caused fear among residents with NGOs and volunteers working in the County already beginning to evacuate.

The Government, through Mandera County Commissioner, Fredrick Shisia, has warned those spreading the leaflets and causing fear among Kenyans that the law will catch up with them.

He confirmed that the NGOs were withdrawing their non-local workers to avoid being caught in the middle of the attack, with most affected sub-Counties being Banisa, Takaba and Mandera East.

He assured residents that the Government will protect them from the Al Shabaab since they now understand them better.

“We have noticed the militia have changed their strategy of attacks. Our security apparatus have also changed tack to confront them head-on,” Shisia told journalists in Mandera.