Swaleh Mdoe- Biography, Wife, Salary, Children, Career, Corruption scandal, Fauzia Ahmed.

Swaleh Mdoe- Biography, Wife,  Salary, Children, Career, Corruption scandal, Fauzia Ahmed, scandal.

Swaleh Mdoe is Citizen TV’s managing editor and Swahili news anchor and is one of the most recognizable brands on Kenyan television famous for his quotable quotes on Citizen Tv’s nipashe, ‘Tafakari ya Babu’.

Swaleh Mdoe: Career

From 1999 – 2001 he was a News anchor at Nation TV ( Now NTV) in the Nation Media group.

From 2001 – 2007 Swaleh was a News Editor of Kiswahili news and also an anchor with KTN TV.

From 2007 to present he has been the Managing Editor and a Kiswahili News Anchor with Citizen TV of Royal Media Services.

Swaleh Mdoe: Corruption scandal

Last year there was a scandal of epic proportions after Swaleh Mdoe, Mwanahamisi Hamadi, Shisia Wasilwa, Kimeli Arap Kemei, Yusuf Ali and several other RMS personalities were indefinitely suspended.

The top cream journalists were suspended after they allegedly received a bribe to ‘kiSwaleh Mdoell’ a story from a prominent Nairobi politician.

Swaleh Mdoe: scandal

Swaleh  found himself on the wrong end of a civil suit filed against him by a woman called Fauzia Ahmed who claimed through her lawyers that he sired her now 10 year old child and wanted Swaleh Mdoe’s employers at Royal Media Service’s television station Citizen TV to apportion 95,000/- of his salary for child support.

The Children’s Court (where the lawsuit was lodged) also ordered Swaleh  to appear before it and explain why he shouldn’t be jailed after refusing to live up to his parental responsibilities.

Fauzia Ahmed claimed to have cohabited with the news anchor since 2001 until the reportedly got a daughter in 2004. But on his part, Swaleh denies that the daughter is biologically his and through his lawyers defended himself thus:

“I have never cohabited with the plaintiff, as she has failed to provide any details of where we lived. I’m a married man with a wife and children, and it would not have been possible to cohabit with someone else.”

Swaleh Mdoe: Salary

It is alleged that he earns in excess of 750,000/-