Kenya Polytechnic University College- Fees, website, Student portal, courses, intake, contacts.

Kenya Polytechnic University College- Fees, website, courses, intake, contacts.

A comprehensive list of all short courses, certificate and diploma courses offered at Kenya Polytechnic University College.

Kenya Polytechnic University College: Certificate Courses

Bridging Course in Mathematics
Bridging Courses(English, Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry)
Certificate in Aircraft Maintenance
Certificate in Analytical Chemistry
Certificate in Architecture
Certificate in Archives and Records Management
Certificate in Automotive Engineering
Certificate in Basic Cookery and Housekeeping Operations
Certificate in Bilingual Secretarial Studies
Certificate in Building and Construction
Certificate in Building Construction
Certificate in Business Administration
Certificate in Business Management and Administration
Certificate in Ceramics
Certificate in Choreography
Certificate in Civil Engineering
Certificate in Community Health Nursing
Certificate in Computer Repair and Maintenance
Certificate in Construction Management
Certificate in Construction Technician
Certificate in Construction Technology
Certificate in Creative Pattern Cutting
Certificate in Drama and Theatre
Certificate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Certificate in Electrical Engineering Technology
Certificate in Electrical Technology
Certificate in Electronics Technician
Certificate in Electronics
Certificate in Event Deisgning
Certificate in Fabrication and Welding
Certificate in Fashion illustration
Certificate in Flower Arrangement and Outdoor Function Decoration
Certificate in Food and Beverage Production
Certificate in Food Production
Certificate in Forensic Science and Technology
Certificate in Garment Construction
Certificate in Graphic Design and Communication
Certificate in Health Records and Information Technology
Certificate in Health Records Management
Certificate in HIV/AIDS Management
Certificate in Hotel and Hostel Housekeeping
Certificate in Housekeeping & Laundry
Certificate in illustration(Drawing and Painting)
Certificate in Industrial Chemistry
Certificate in Interior Design and Decoration
Certificate in Land Policy and Administration
Certificate in Library and Archival Studies
Certificate in Library, Information Studies, Records and Archives
Certificate in Machine Printing
Certificate in Maintenance of Infrastructure
Certificate in Medical Laboratory Science
Certificate in Modeling
Certificate in Motor Vehicle Mechanics
Certificate in Music Technology
Certificate in Networking and System Administration
Certificate in Photography and Audio Visual
Certificate in Plate Making
Certificate in Pre-tech Biology
Certificate in Pre-tech Chemistry
Certificate in Pre-tech English
Certificate in Pre-tech Physics
Certificate in Print Finishing
Certificate in Print Origination
Certificate in Production Design
Certificate in Public Relations, Advertising & Marketing
Certificate in Purchasing and Supply Management
Certificate in Quantity Surveying
Certificate in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
Certificate in Sales and Marketing
Certificate in Science Laboratory Technology
Certificate in Screen Printing
Certificate in Sculpture
Certificate in Silversmithing, Goldsmithing and Jewellery
Certificate in Soft Furnishings
Certificate in Supplies Management
Certificate in Tie & Dye and Batik
Certificate in Tour Guiding and Administration
Certificate in Tourism Management
Certified Public Accountant(CPA)

Kenya Polytechnic University College: Diploma Courses

Diploma in Accountancy
Diploma in Accounting and Finance
Diploma in Actuarial Science
Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering
Diploma in Aircraft Àvionics Engineering
Diploma in Aircraft Mechanical Engineering
Diploma in Analytical Chemistry
Diploma in Animation Technology and Special Effects
Diploma in Applied Biology
Diploma in Applied Statistics
Diploma in Archives and Records Management
Diploma in Art and DesignTechnology)
Diploma in Auto-Electrician Stage
Diploma in Automotive Engineering Technology
Diploma in Bakery and Confectionery Technology
Diploma in Banqueting & Events Management
Diploma in Biotechnology
Diploma in Building and Civil Engineering
Diploma in Business Administration
Diploma in Business Information Technology(BIT)
Diploma in Cartography
Diploma in Catering and Accommodation
Diploma in Chemical Engineering
Diploma in Choreography and Dance
Diploma in Clearing and Forwarding
Diploma in Community Health and Development
Diploma in Community Health and HIV/AIDS Management
Diploma in Community Health Nursing
Diploma in Community Health
Diploma in Computer Engineering and Maintenance
Diploma in Computer Information Technology(CIT)
Diploma in Computer Science
Diploma in Computer Studies
Diploma in Construction Management
Diploma in Construction Technology
Diploma in Contemporary Art, Event and Performance
Diploma in Cooperative Management
Diploma in Creative Music and Sound Technology
Diploma in Disaster Management
Diploma in Education, Guidance & Counseling
Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Diploma in Electrical Engineering
Diploma in Electronics and Computing Systems
Diploma in Electronics Engineering
Diploma in Electronics Technology
Diploma in Environmental Health
Diploma in Fashion Construction(Drafting, Cutting and Making)
Diploma in Fashion Design and Garment Making Technology(Fashion Design)
Diploma in Fashion Design and Modeling
Diploma in Fine Art
Diploma in Fire Protection and Safety Technology
Diploma in Food and Beverage Management
Diploma in Food Technology
Diploma in Forensic and Criminal Investigation
Diploma in Geo Informatics
Diploma in Graphic Design and Communication
Diploma in Hair Design and Body Adornment
Diploma in Health & Nutrition
Diploma in Highway Engineering
Diploma in Hotel & Catering Management
Diploma in Housekeeping and Front Office Management
Diploma in Human Resource Management
Diploma in Industrial Chemistry
Diploma in Industrial Microbiology
Diploma in Information Technology
Diploma in Institutional Management
Diploma in Instrumentation and Control Engineering
Diploma in Interactive Media Technology
Diploma in Interior Design
Diploma in International Relations and Diplomacy
Diploma in International Relations
Diploma in International Relations, Conflict Resolutions and Peace Building
Diploma in Journalism and Public Relations
Diploma in Laboratory Technology
Diploma in Land Policy and Administration
Diploma in Land Survey
Diploma in Land Surveying
Diploma in Leather Technology
Diploma in Legal Studies
Diploma in Logistics and Supplies
Diploma in Maintenance of Infrastructure
Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering
Diploma in Material Technology and Metallurgy
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering – Fabrication Technology and Metallurgy
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Plant Option
Diploma in Media and Popular Culture
Diploma in Medical Laboratory Science
Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
Diploma in Motor Vehicle Mechanic I
Diploma in Multimedia Computing
Diploma in Multimedia Technology
Diploma in Music Technology
Diploma in Music
Diploma in Pattern Construction and Grading(Somatotyping)
Diploma in Personnel Management
Diploma in Petroleum Management
Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology
Diploma in Pharmacy
Diploma in Plant and Industrial Services Engineering
Diploma in Plant Works and Services Engineering
Diploma in Powers Systems
Diploma in Printing and Packaging
Diploma in Printing Technology
Diploma in Procurement
Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies Management
Diploma in Quantity Surveying
Diploma in Real Estate Agency and Property Management
Diploma in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Diploma in Sales and Marketing
Diploma in Secretarial Studies
Diploma in Social Work and Community Development
Diploma in Supplies Management
Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering
Diploma in Telecommunication Systems
Diploma in Telecommunication
Diploma in Textile Design
Diploma in Theatre and Puppetry
Diploma in Tourism Management
Diploma in Transport Management
Diploma in Upholstery and Soft Furnishings
Diploma of Technology in Art Event and Performance

Kenya Polytechnic University College: Degree Courses

Bachelor of Agribusiness Management
Bachelor of Animation Technology and Special Effects
Bachelor of Architectural Studies
Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy
Bachelor of Arts in Library and Information Studies
Bachelor of Arts(Communication)
Bachelor of Arts(Interior Design)
Bachelor of Arts(Land Economics )
Bachelor of Business and Information Technology
Bachelor of Business Information Technology(BBIT)
Bachelor of Clothing/Fashion Technology
Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Finance
Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Construction Management
Bachelor of Contemporary Art, Event and Performance
Bachelor of cooperative management
Bachelor of Cothing/Fashion Production Management
Bachelor of Creative Music and Sound Technology
Bachelor of Economics and Finance
Bachelor of Economics
Bachelor of Education in Hotel and Hospitality Management
Bachelor of Education(Library Studies)
Bachelor of Fashion Journalism
Bachelor of Fashion Merchandising
Bachelor of Hair Design and Body Adornment
Bachelor of Hospitality Management
Bachelor of Hotel and Institutional Housekeeping
Bachelor of Hotel and Institutional Housekeeping(Laundry and Dry Cleaning Technology)
Bachelor of Hotel Management
Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology(BICT)
Bachelor of Interactive Media Technology
Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication
Bachelor of Laws(LLB)
Bachelor of Leather Technology
Bachelor of Media and Popular Culture
Bachelor of Multimedia Computing
Bachelor of Multimedia Technology
Bachelor of Music Technology
Bachelor of Science in Accounting
Bachelor of Science in Analytical Chemistry
Bachelor of science in Applied Statistics with Computing
Bachelor of Science in Building Construction
Bachelor of Science in Civil and Construction Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Construction Management
Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Geospatial Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Instrumentation and Control Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Land Policy and Administration
Bachelor of Science in Maintenance of Infrastructure
Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering and Technology
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Biotechnology
Bachelor of Science in Quantity Surveying
Bachelor of Science( Information Systems & Technology)
Bachelor of Science(Applied Statistics)
Bachelor of Science(Clothing, Textiles and Interior Design)
Bachelor of Science(Electrical Engineering)
Bachelor of Science(Mechanical Engineering)
Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Bachelor of Technology in Engineering
Bachelor of Technology in Fashion Design and Marketing
Bachelor of Technology in Fashion Design and Modeling
Bachelor of Technology in Fine Arts
Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical and Production Engineering
Bachelor of Technology in Music
Bachelor of Technology(Electrical & Communication Engineering)
Bachelor of Textile Design and Technology
Bachelor of Theatre and Puppetry
Bachelor ot Science in Aerospace Science and Operations

Kenya Polytechnic University College: Masters Courses

Master of Business Administration(MBA)

Kenya Polytechnic University College: Postgraduate courses

Higher Diploma in Analytical Chemistry
Higher Diploma in Applied Biology
Higher Diploma in Applied Statistics
Higher DIploma in Archives and Records Management
Higher Diploma in Business Management
Higher Diploma in Construction
Higher Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Higher Diploma in Electrical Engineering
Higher Diploma in Food Technology
Higher Diploma in Land Surveying
Higher Diploma in Library and Information Management
Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering(Plant)
Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
Higher Diploma in Medical Biotechnology
Higher Diploma in Molecular and Biochemistry
Higher Diploma in Printing Technology)
Higher Diploma in Sales and Marketing
Higher Diploma in Secretarial Management
Higher Diploma in Telecommunication Systems
Higher National Diploma in Sales and Marketing
National Diploma in Archives and Records Management
Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science
Postgraduate Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering
Advanced Diploma in Electronics Engineering
Advanced Diploma in Information Technology
Advanced Diploma in Total Quality Management

Kenya Polytechnic University College: Fee Structure

Fees varies per programme, for details on fees and account number concerning Kenya Polytechnic University College, kindly contact the admissions office.


Kenya Polytechnic University College: Application Forms

Application forms can be obtained from the admissions office.

Kenya Polytechnic University College: Website

Website for this college will be updated when Available.

Kenya Polytechnic University College: Contacts

Location: Nairobi
Postal Address: P.O Box 52428-00200
Telephone Number: 020-22219690

Kenya Polytechnic University College